How to Build a Powerful Team, With Carmen Torres

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PEOPLE are the most important element of any business!

In this information-rich episode, Carmen Torres shows how to…

  • Avoid a potentially dangerous liability that could slow down your progress;
  • Create an equitable, safe and collaborative workplace environment;
  • And more!

About This Guest: ()

Carmen Torres’ extensive experience in the HR field stretches back over twenty years. In this time, she has established a reputation for her ability to help create equitable, safe and collaborative workplace environments for countless small to mid-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Throughout her career, she has been sought out as a trusted advisor for her expertise in building HR departments that allow both employees and employers to be productive and flourish. Her approach is comprehensive and holistic. Carmen is keenly aware of the complexities of managing human beings, and of the crucial importance of a high-functioning HR department for the thriving success of a company.