Harness the Power of Advanced Analytics in Team Building, With Ric Lindberg

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on August 29, 2019

Every company needs people, tools, and leadership to get the job done.

As companies grow, their processes get more complex. Analytics become more complex and important data gets overlooked.

Ric Lindberg has been harnessing the power of data since 1996 and he joins Adam to share his insights on how to identify what customers want and bridge the gap between business value, highly technical people, tools and the leadership required to transform the culture of your organization.


  • Why you should treat everyone you meet as a volunteer to unlock their potential;
  • Why you should always be listening to the data;
  • How to embrace a healthy lifestyle in the age of algorithms/AI/robots where we will have to re-invent ourselves every decade;
  • How to become brave enough to invest the emotional labor required to make the world a better place;
  • And much more!

Do you want to level up your business? Really understand your potential, data or way of leading for better results and longer retention of your people? Then don’t miss this!

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Ric Lindberg is a freelancer who helps global organizations with business intelligence and team development based on coaching, metrics and KPIs. He is a deep technical data-nerd who understand the desire to “just replace the tool” and process to get better results. Having worked within business intelligence for 22 years have taught him that it’s never about the tool. The path to better and lasting change requires leadership way more than tools. He’s been podcasting for more than 5 years about self-leadership, focus and relationship building on the show “Relationship Power at work” and has now turned a beginner youtuber helping parents better connect to their computer gamer children.