Zain Raj

A visionary leader, business accelerator and industry futurist, Zain Raj combines innovation and creativity to create new business models for the future. In his new book, THE PYRAMID PUZZLE: Igniting Transformation with the Power of Trust, he tells a story about how using a framework grounded on proven social sciences principles, ancient wisdom, and modern-day management principles can ignite business growth. Chairman and CEO of Shapiro+Raj, an independent research and insights company. Zain is also the founder and CEO of zednext, an ideas incubator that takes an objective and disruptive look at issues and trends to help marketers and business leaders realize their full potential in a data-driven, digitally led and insights-driven world. Raj is also author of Marketing for Tomorrow, Not Yesterday and Brand Rituals: How Successful Brands Bond with Customers for Life.

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