Pete Sena

Pete Sena is a design-led entrepreneur who loves to partner with future-forward founders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to unlock new possibilities and growth. Pete co-founded Digital Surgeons, a forward-obsessed brand experience consultancy. He is a dedicated collaborator who uses creativity to mix visual branding, storytelling, and user experience to deliver results-driven, future-forward growth marketing.

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Pete Sena's Guest Appearances

Uncover Transformative Possibilities, With Pete Sena

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on August 4, 2022

In our 3.0 world, relying on market-shaped variables like supply to determine demand is like using a paintbrush or typewriter to create the audience-driven metaverse.

The pressure on CEOs and founders to grow and evolve their businesses as rapidly as the warp-speed digital marketplace isn’t a bit challenging; it’s exponentially more daunting today than ever before.

This is where Pete Sena and his mission come in.

By combining the unique power of human creativity and curiosity with leading-edge analytics and technology, Pete empowers fellow founders and forward-thinking business leaders to uncover transformative possibilities, paving the way to unconventional paths to growth.

Pete joins Adam to discuss:

  • An uncommon truth not a lot of people know about
  • Why having a design-driven mindset is critical for growth
  • Favorite go-to productivity hacks
  • Daily practices for growth in your business and personal life
  • Why meditation is a superpower?

Get ready to pave the way to unconventional paths to growth.