Mike Pisciotta

Mike Pisciotta is an online marketing strategist, funnel fanatic and business coach who’s no-nonsense, results driven approach has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Mike is no stranger to failure and adversity. Having spent 10 years in a Florida prison where Mike used his time to transform his mind, his life and his world he emerged a brand new man with a mission to empower others. Mike’s journey from inmate to entrepreneur began when he was 18 with a 10 year sentence ahead and a huge choice to make in the midst of an environment designed to make him fail. Mike took up a motto during his prison stay to "Let it MAKE him and not break him".

In the over six years since his release from prison Mike has overcome societal stigmas, challenges and numerous failures to build several very profitable and successful businesses alongside his partner and wife Robin. Mike has been featured in Forbes magazine, Florida Today, Space Coast Business magazine, YFS Entrepreneur and dozens of radio shows and podcasts. Mike is also a dedicated father of 2 adorable children John and Sophia. He believes that if he was able to achieve success and financial freedom then any can!

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Mike Pisciotta's Guest Appearances

From Prison to Prosperity, With Mike Pisciotta

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on February 2, 2016 0 Comments

Mike PisciottaThe Story of an Ex-Con Who Broke Free from Circumstances to Create Success in Life, Family & Business (and how you can, too)

As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for more leverage points for your business. Sometimes its a struggle to find a strategy for being successful. Mike Pisciotta is no stranger to this struggle. Join us has he shares his inspiring story and reflects on the successful like he has built with his wife Robin. Mike and Robin have learned from doing. They’ve been in the trenches themselves. Their story not only inspires and encourages, it also explores the ways you can experience the same successes.

The Marketing Game Changer: More Visibility, Leads, Clients, and Cash, With Mike and Robin Pisciotta

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 22, 2013 0 Comments

MikeRobinPisciotta-303x181You may already know how to blog, put on a webinar, start an email campaign, make images with quotes for Facebook, add widgets to your website, install cool plugins, even do SEO… but do you know how to actually make money with these things?

How awesome would it be if you could blast past the confusion and quickly and easily create a rush of more visibility, leads, clients, and cash for your business?

Listen to our interview with Mike and Robin Pisciotta – it may well be a “Marketing Game Changer” for you!