Joyce Schulman

Joyce Shulman is Co-Founder and CEO of 99 Walks: a wellness and walking lifestyle brand, community and app on a mission to forge connection and get a million women walking.
Two decades ago, Joyce -- a self-confessed idea junkie -- traded her legal career for an entrepreneurial journey focused on what mattered to her most: family, community, and empowering women to get healthy, happy, and chase their dreams.

In addition to being the “Pack Leader” at 99 Walks, Joyce is an author, speaker, TEDx veteran, podcaster, and consultant, sharing her expertise about the life-changing impact of a consistent, intentional walking practice.

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Joyce Schulman's Guest Appearances

What do Aristotle, Steve Jobs, and Darwin have in Common? With Joyce Shulman

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on February 17, 2022

What do Aristotle, Beethoven, Darwin, and Steve Jobs have in common?

All made walking a critical part of their personal and professional practice.


Because walking fuels creativity, boosts executive function and improves memory and decision-making.

Joyce Shulman is on a mission to get a million women (and men too) walking.  Together, Joyce and Adam dive into the research and the why, and how to inspire you and your team to boost performance, productivity, energy and wellness through walking.


  • How walking improves memory, decision-making, focus, creativity, mood;
  • The incredible benefits of walking on wellness and longevity;
  • Why walking together is powerful;
  • How to make walking a habit;
  • Why, where and with whom should you walk;
  • And so much more!

They say sitting is the new cigarette. Time to get up and get moving!