John Fairclough

John Fairclough (FAIR-clow) founded The Resicom Group to help retailers
optimize the way they improve and maintain their store environment. Under
his leadership, the company has evolved from a local construction company
into an international provider of facility maintenance and construction
services. Now John enjoys sharing his story to inspire others.
John leans on his faith to help him persevere through the difficulties of
overcoming the status quo. He values people and understands the balance
needed between the strength and consistency of process and the value of
personal dignity. He relishes the oxymoronic tone to solutions. What people
quickly discard is often the best course of action.
His best virtues were incubated by extreme poverty and forged through his
unlikely business success. Humility and justice are the invisible stains of his
diverse and adverse experiences. Naturally, people come first for him and
finding a way to see their good, wanting them to obtain their missing good,
staying hopeful for them are the things he works very intentionally on.

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John Fairclough's Guest Appearances

Putting People First, With John Fairclough

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 1, 2019

What is biggest asset you have in your business? It’s not the land. It’s not machines. It’s not inventory.

It’s your people. Far too often, as business grows, the value of the people working in the company seems to diminish. This leads to disgruntled employees, lack of production, and ultimately loss of profits.

Loyal team members means less turnover, more productivity, and more growth and profit.

No one understands this more than John Fairclough. He joins Adam to discuss the importance of looking for the good in everyone, and how to create a people first company.


  • How to build being a ‘people first leader’ into the DNA of a company;
  • What a business owner can do to overcome a set-back;
  • How focusing on the people most-often overlooked can turn a business into an industry leader;
  • Why it’s important to have the right people in the right seats;
  • And much more!

If you want to learn how you can make sure your business is a ‘people first’ business, don’t miss this episode!