Fatima Doman

Born in Angola, Africa, Fatima is the founder and CEO of Authentic Strengths Advantage® Global Coaching and Training. She's also an author and executive coach with 20 years Franklin Covey “7 Habits” Global Trainer and has co-founded a coaching practice. She is certified as an executive program coach through Columbia University. A world traveler, Fatima is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French, enjoys making documentary films and creates workshops (based upon her book) which are taught worldwide.

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Fatima Doman's Guest Appearances

Move from What’s Wrong to What’s Strong Using Your Authentic Strengths, With Fatima Doman

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Fatima Doman

Everyone has a unique set of strengths. Do you know how to leverage yours? Fatima believes that character strengths are those aspects of our personality that define what’s best in us. In fact, they are collectively responsible for our greatest achievements and fulfillment. She is passionate about helping people discover their strengths and the degrees and combinations that make every one of us unique. During our interview, she’ll break down the various traits and give a peek into how you know which Character Strengths you have. Join us in uncovering your authentic strengths and moving toward positive thinking that will impact your career and your life!