Dr. Allan Colman

Dr. Allan Colman is a business development executive, speaker and author. As CEO of the Closers Group, a business development advisory, Colman has spent more than three decades helping law firms and professional service firms generate more revenue. In addition to his thriving consulting firm, Colman co-founded and served as Senior VP of DecisionQuest, and previously served as president of the MCO Company and Litigation Sciences, as well as the leader of a 5,600-employee public agency. He is also Professor of Marketing at California State University Dominguez Hills. His new book is The Revenue Accelerator: The 21 Boosters to Launch Your Startup (Made for Success and Blackstone Publishing, Aug. 23, 2022). Learn more at closersgroup.com

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Dr. Allan Colman's Guest Appearances

5 Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Make the Leap from Building to Selling Their Product, With Dr. Allan Colman

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 27, 2022

All too often, entrepreneurs are so gung-ho on building their new product or service that they don’t take time to think through how they will finance, market and sell it. Their singular focus likely accounts for the meager 20 percent survival rate of early startups.

For early-phase entrepreneurs making the leap from building the product to selling it, they must lay a foundation that positions them for success. This involves formulating a marketing strategy, developing an attention-getting brand, identifying financing opportunities, and working to learn prospects’ businesses inside out so they can become valued business partners who bring rewarding solutions to the table.

Dr. Allan Colman shares essential tips for laying the foundation of a successful new business venture.

Tune in and hear Allan’s answers to questions such as:

  • What major mistakes startups and new businesses make and their solutions
  • What myths about marketing and selling impact early-stage ventures
  • How to create your Unique Positioning Statement that will set you apart from the competition
  • What proven tool best keeps track of prospects, leads and clients ready to close
  • How to turn bumps in the road into profits
  • And much, much more!