Dee French

Dee French is a published consultant, an award-winning coach and marriage facilitator, an international keynote speaker, a TEDx speaker, and a #1 bestselling author.

Dee has spoken in public forums within the USA as well as internationally. She has helped many entrepreneurs scale to six, seven figures, and beyond by leveraging their message with her “Speak, Write, and Sell it” system.

Before she discovered her message, Dee was pregnant, trapped in a failed marriage, and suffering from depression after the tragic loss of her father. Fortunately, she found her purpose by reconnecting with her love of writing to become a global speaker, writer, and coach in a multi-billion-dollar industry. She is grateful to be one of the lucky few who found success during the global pandemic.

Today, Dee is a regular contributor for Entrepreneur, Business 2 Community, The Good Men Project, and more. She is a mom of two children, a philanthropist, and a global leader who uses her voice to inspire others and effect change.

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Dee French's Guest Appearances

Lead in Your Own Authority, With Dee French

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on February 9, 2021

Legacy-building leaders don’t simply make changes. They build movements.

This mindset shift is the difference between leading a small group of people to make a few changes and leading a large group of people to make a difference.

When you lead in your authority, you are leading with your expertise; with your authenticity.

Award-winning coach, Dee French, joins Adam to share her 6 tips for growing your authority.


  • One lesson in leadership that everyone should hear;
  • How leaders should delegate responsibilities efficiently;
  • What can be done to motivate a team;
  • What values are most important as a leader;
  • And much more!

Are you ready to step into your authority? Don’t miss this episode!