Dan Henry

Dan Henry went from being a broke pizza delivery boy to a multiple six-figure plus income earner, and is now a nationally-known entrepreneur who helps businesses and entrepreneurs build profitable businesses online through utilizing Facebook and Facebook Ads. Dan Henry has been featured on HuffPost Live, Acorns, NBC Orlando and CBS Tampa. In addition, Dan opened two local successful nightclubs in Florida using Facebook ads, and flipped them both for a six-figure profit. He consulted national chain affiliates (Sam’s Club and Subway) on Digital Marketing, and built a t-shirt line with thousands of Amazon sales using virtual content marketing.

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Using Social Media To Build A Business, With Dan Henry

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Dan Henry

It seems like a new social media platform is popping up every couple of months. Can you really use social media to grow your business? How do you choose which platform is best for your business? Can you still make money on the older platforms like Facebook? In this episode, social media entrepreneur Dan Henry shares his insights on effective digital marketing efforts and social media savvy. Dan shares his journey from pizza deliveryman to his first attempts at affiliate marketing to today, where he manages complex campaigns for all sorts of clients looking to get leads more effectively online.