Dan Caron

Dan Caron is the driving force and Co-Founder of RNWY, a trailblazing sports nutrition brand on a mission to transform your athletic journey. Dan is not just a seasoned Wellness Coordinator; he's a visionary leader with a proven track record in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sales, Digital Marketing, Corporate Events, and Employee Wellness.

A passionate runner himself, Dan's personal experiences shape RNWY's commitment to excellence. Dan's mission is more than nutrition—it's about empowering you today, enhancing your recovery for tomorrow, and offering unwavering support for the long run. Running, for Dan, transcends being a mere activity; it's a shared passion and an unyielding pursuit of improvement.
Whether you're chasing personal records or preparing for a marathon, RNWY, under Dan's leadership, is dedicated to being your steadfast companion throughout this thrilling journey.

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