Craig Cecilio

Craig Cecilio is the CEO and Founder of DiversyFund, a loving husband, and a dedicated father to three beautiful daughters. A family man at heart, Craig’s mission is to break down the barriers that keep most Americans from investing like the privileged, well-connected, and wealthiest 1% in our country.

That's why he founded DiversyFund in 2016. With DiversyFund's wealthtech platform, Craig combines the power of crowdfunding with cutting-edge technology. Craig is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder, earning a bachelor's degree in 1996. He received his California real estate license in 1998. Before DiversyFund, he sat on the board of ARTs (A Reason to Survive) which promotes art as a means of therapy for children.

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Craig Cecilio's Guest Appearances

Breaking the Barriers Between Wall St. and Main St., With Craig Cecilio

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on April 14, 2022

After years of making money for others the traditional way, Craig Cecilio saw exactly how the rich kept getting richer.

In 2014, Craig decided there had to be a way to break the cycle. He wanted to open up wealth-building opportunities to all Americans, no matter their status in life.

His vision was to bring the wealth-building tools traditionally used by the 1% to the everyday investor.

Craig is committed to demystifying the wealth-building process for the everyday investor. He and his team work tirelessly on behalf of the 99% to democratize the investing landscape.

Join Craig and Adam to discover:

  • The secret to achieving personal growth
  • How to unlock investments with high growth potential
  • How to diversify your portfolio with multifamily real estate
  • How you can protect your financial future with stable assets
  • How you can become an investor with just $500
  • And much more!

The wealthiest have invested in real estate for decades. Now it’s your turn.