Christine Hansen

Christine Hansen is an award-winning business coach & consultant for online entrepreneurs who want to embrace their inner lazy, profit like a pro, and create impact with Integrity.

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Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur, With Christine Hansen

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on January 18, 2022

There is a certain passion and drive that entrepreneurs share. It’s a passion for creating something new and exciting, and for solving a problem that others struggle with.

Along with the excitement of starting something new, comes the challenges and doubts.

Will this work?

Will people buy?

Am I crazy for starting a new business?

Christine Hansen has the entrepreneurial bug. When she recognized that the business she created to help babies sleep on a schedule no longer drove her passion, she pivoted. When that next business no longer drove her passion, she pivoted. Christine, like so many, realize that when the passion dies, the business can often die with it, and so she found that her true passion is in coaching and consulting…helping others to build their dreams.

She joins Adam to share her stories about her entrepreneurial journey, and some of the traps and challenges she’s faced along the way.


  • Why it’s okay to change direction in business;
  • How to work half as much;
  • Make twice as much;
  • And donate 3x as much;
  • And so much more!

The entrepreneurial bug is real, and if you’ve got it, then this is a must listen to show!