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I'm Christina Daves, serial entrepreneur, award-winning inventor, and the founder of CastMedic Designs. I came up with the idea after a broken foot left me in an awful walking medical boot, the day before I was headed to New York City, Fashion Capital of the World.

Having previously owned an upscale boutique, I thought I would be able to find something... anything to make the boot look somewhat fashion-forward. Realizing there was nothing available, I started designing cuffs and accessories to take the boot from a casual affair to the office to formal events with styles for both children and adults. These products allow the injured to heal in style.

An injury shouldn’t get in the way of looking and healing your best and my mission is to turn recovery into a fabulous fashion experience by allowing the injured to experience The Healing Power of Fashion®

With no budget in CastMedic for publicity, I taught myself everything I could about PR and in less than one year appeared in over 50 media outlets (including national and local television, national magazines and newspapers, and syndicated radio). I figured out a formula the media responds to, so I launched PR for Anyone® to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and authors learn how to easily and effectively generate their own publicity.

I have also written the bestselling book, PR for Anyone™ 100+ Affordable Ways To Easily Create Buzz for your Business with over 100 tips to gain free media exposure.

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PR to Profit! Gain Exposure, Build Buzz and Make Money! With Christina Daves

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Christina DavesAre you busting your hump to make a name for yourself, day in and day out? How is it some people seem to “make it” so easily, and others struggle no matter how hard they try?

The answer is – those who make it know how to get known in the media.

Christina Daves has learned what it takes to make the media notice you…and she’s willing to share her secrets! Learn how you can get
noticed and create your own media wave to ride.