Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford – Best Selling Author of multiple books on the Regenerative paradigm and practice in business organizations, roles in society and personal life. A Senior Fellow at Babson College, #1 entrepreneur BA and #2 MBA program for 9 years (US News)

Carol is a consistently recognized thought leader working side by side with Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial teams in designing and leading systemic business change, growth and work design. Through university and in-house educational offerings, global speaking platforms, multi-award-winning books, business and human development work, Carol disrupt old paradigm thinking. The effect is developing innovative people and work systems that ignite motivation everywhere. The result is vital and viable organizations, social and planetary process and meaningful live of all involved.

Carol is a founder and leader of The Regenerative Business Development Community, with lifetime members of almost 500 company members, meeting in locations around the world and now online with leaders from multiple companies learning together and an Annual Regenerative Business Summit, Carol is also a founder and leader of The Regenerative Change Agent Development Community, with member and events in three regions- Americas, EMEA, Deep Pacific with over 50 events a year in person and online with regenerative change agents learning about and creating change together. The Communities for Individuals in educator, entrepreneur, economic shaper, and parenting roles.

Carol is the author of six best-selling books including— “The Regenerative Business: Redesign Work, Cultivate Human Potential, Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes. She published on her own and publishes magazines on Medium.
She is producer and storyteller of her 3 podcasts including Business Second Opinion.

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Carol Sanford's Guest Appearances

How to Become Non-Displaceable in Any Market, With Carol Sanford

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on June 9, 2022

Courageous leaders are calling for a disruptive yet effective way of working: one that unlocks new levels of innovation, financial results, and customer loyalty while building human capacity to contribute.

The good news is there is a proven, but infrequently taken, path.

Carol Sanford shows leaders why today’s so-called business “best practices” undermine success—and, how to transform a business into something so flexible, so innovative, so developmental, it becomes virtually non-displaceable in the market.

Carol joins Adam to discuss:

  • How to deal with highly competitive markets, even commodity
  • What exponential growth means in numbers
  • The key to not being able to be knocked out of a market in fast changing world
  • How to keep from being displaced by investors
  • And so much more!

Want to know the secret to being non-displaceable in your market? Tune in!