Brian Weaver

Brian serves as CEO of Torch.AI. He has more than 20 years of experience leading mission driven, high growth, technology focused companies. Torch.AI helps leading organizations leverage artificial intelligence in a unique way via a proprietary enterprise data management software solution. Today, Torch.AI supports clients like H&R Block with fraud detection and mitigation, and the U.S. Department of Defense with machine learning enabled background investigations for all federal employees, supporting the determination of an individual’s trustworthiness and security credentialing.
Prior to Torch.AI, Brian launched or acquired several companies all focused on technology enabled services and data connectivity. His companies serve nearly 1,300 clients. In 2001, he launched his first company which focused on using data to influence consumer behavior for NASCAR events. In 2005, he acquired his former employer. In 2009, Brian acquired MEDQOR from Wells Fargo and as Chairman guided growth of the assets into the premier information business exclusively focused on the FDA regulated medical device market. The MEDQOR acquisition rapidly evolved his concepts around leveraging data at scale to solve problems. In 2012, he began investing in what would eventually become the Torch software platform.

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Brian Weaver's Guest Appearances

Artificial Intelligence, With Brian Weaver

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 26, 2022

When you think of artificial intelligence, what comes to mind?

The 1983 movie, WarGames?

Data, from Star Trek?

Bishop, from Aliens?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a part of Hollywood for decades. Typically, it’s in a negative fashion such as computers taking over the world like Maximum Overdrive, or even The Matrix.

The truth is, AI is simply a system of intelligence across your organization.

Brian Weaver’s company, Torch.AI makes data easier to use. They are changing the paradigm of data and digital workflows, forever solving core impediments caused by the ever-increasing volume and complexity of information resulting in a single unifying solution which begins by instantly deconstructing and describing any data, in real-time.

Far from Hollywood’s evil computer takeovers, Brian’s solutions have helped to fight fraud, secure information, make better decisions of trust, evolve operational capabilities, and create better customer experiences.

Brian joins Adam to dispell the myth around AI. They discuss:

  • What artificial intelligence is
  • How AI helps productivity
  • Why government agencies such as the Dept. of Defense are using Brian’s software
  • What impact AI can have on your business
  • And so much more!

Discover the wonders of artificial intelligence when you listen to this episode!