Brent Pohlman

Brent Pohlman, owner and CEO of Midwest Laboratories, strives to bring his A-game daily. He has been CEO of Midwest Laboratories since 2016 and is passionate about teaching others to lead effectively. As a person of faith, he coaches people up, leads from the heart, and has achieved success by focusing on people, processes, and technology—in that order. Brent holds an MBA in human resources and has been a requested speaker to several Omaha area organizations.

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Brent Pohlman's Guest Appearances

Beating Corporate Malaise to Lead With Faith and Passion, With Brent Pohlman

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on January 16, 2024

When Brent Pohlman landed his first job working at his father’s business, Midwest Labs, at 15, he had no idea the path that lay ahead.

Through decades of building on his father’s legacy, Brent has learned that no matter what incentives you offer, employees will only truly listen to a manager who leads with faith, passion, and heart.

His new book, Leaders Look Within, shares the lessons he’s learned through practical lessons and management guides.

Tune in to hear Brent’s thoughts on:

  • Values First: A strategic plan to transform teamwork with people who share your strong values, resulting in a remarkable work environment
  • Routine is Key: A daily routine to bring your A-game every day and create a work life balance, resulting in greater trust, power, emotional intelligence, and productivity
  • Nothing is Insurmountable: Questions to discover what is holding you back from being the leader you want to be
  • And much, much more!

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