Benny Mardones

Benny Mardones is perhaps best known for his legendary song "Into The Night" which reached the Billboard Hot 100 twice, in both 1980 and 1989 (peaking at #11), a top chart hit for a total of 37 weeks. "Into The Night" as well as "I Need A Miracle" and "I Want It All" have been American Adult Contemporary Top 40 chart hits.

Benny's latest single, "I've Got You," was recently released on iTunes and is currently receiving airtime on radio stations in several markets.

His much-anticipated new album, "Timeless", will be released approximately March 2015.

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Discover The Secrets Of Becoming A ‘Rock Star’ In Your Industry Or Niche, With Benny Mardones

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In this very exclusive interview, Grammy® nominated Top-40 singer and composer Benny Mardones (“Into The Night”, “I Need A Miracle”, “I Want It All”, “I’ve Got You”) reveals “rock star” strategies for developing and nurturing customer relationships that lead to long-term success, learned through his 40+ year career in the highly competitive music industry.