Andrew Kap

Andrew Kap holds one goal above all others through his various projects: Genuine and Sustainable Impact. He often focuses on topics that many find overwhelming, and he then condenses them into actionable, more consumable content.

His latest offering, “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read” offers readers a never-before-seen understanding of the topic — that no other “LOA” book has ever been able to do — by going the extra mile of finally addressing WHY people who get excited about trying it still can’t manage to get in the habit of using these methods for just five minutes a day.

The book has enjoyed continued success, including over 1,500 of 5-star rave reviews, #1 Best Seller status in multiple categories on Amazon, and a growing YouTube channel devoted to it.

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Andrew Kap's Guest Appearances

Using the Law of Attraction in Your Business (Whether You Believe In It Or Not!), With Andrew Kap

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 11, 2021

There’s a reason you keep buying all the books. There’s a reason you keep trying all the programs. And after all you’ve learned and all you’ve done, there’s a reason you still haven’t put the pieces together and used the Law of Attraction to manifest the life you’ve always wanted.

And it’s not because it doesn’t work. Let’s be clear. The Law of Attraction WORKS. It’s been working this whole time, with absolute precision, right underneath your nose.

So why hasn’t it been working for YOU? What are you missing?

You’re about to learn firsthand why every other Law of Attraction book never actually worked for you (it’s not what you think — they actually gave you 100% accurate info). You’re going to understand how to make the Law of Attraction “do” what you always wanted (it’s easier than you realize — it only takes ONE small adjustment).

Andrew Kap is a Law of Attraction expert and he joins Adam to uncover the secret to manifesting all you desire.


  • How your ego is actually keeping you from succeeding with the Law of Attraction (OR any other part of your life or business, for that matter);
  • How people who don’t care about the Law of Attraction can still benefit from what it teaches (in ALL areas of their lives, including their business);
  • How one can easily use Gratitude to anchor their mindset for *automatic* success;
  • What’s the ONE piece of information you may be missing if the Law of Attraction hasn’t been working for you;
  • And so much more!

Everything you want has been waiting for you. And it wants you just as much. The time to claim it all has finally arrived.