Amanda Rabideau

Amanda Rabideau Amanda built her career growing businesses using effective marketing, strategy, and sales practices. Over the past fifteen years, she has worked with large enterprises like Dell, Microsoft, CoreLogic and tech startups including Cloudstaff, New Relic and OraMetrix. Throughout her career, Amanda served as a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs as they launched and expanded their businesses.
Amanda Rabideau discusses her marketing approach and why the Fractional CMO is a good model for Series A-funded startup companies because it is a more efficient capital use. Arch Collective handles all marketing strategy and execution for post-series-A funded B2B tech startups so they can go from achieving product-market fit to acquiring more clients, securing Series B funding, or possibly an acquisition. By utilizing a unique marketing model, a dynamic Fractional CMO strategy, plus The Collective, an accomplished network of marketers and creatives, for execution – all for the price of a full-time CMO.

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What is a Fractional CMO?, With Amanda Rabideau

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on January 25, 2022

Does this line of thinking sound familiar?

Marketing is the only way your business will find new customers.


But you don’t have the time to dedicate to it… So you need hire someone who focuses solely on your marketing.

Also true.

That person must be a full-time employee.


Companies don’t always need a full-time marketing person. Sometimes the right person for the job isn’t a traditional CMO, but a Fractional CMO.

A what?

A Fractional CMO is someone who acts as the Chief Marketing Officer for your company but is hired as a contractor or consultant.

Amanda Rabideau has been helping tech companies with their marketing for over 15 years. She joins Adam to explain further what a Fractional CMO is, and how it may work for your company.


  • What a Fractional CMO (FMCO) is;
  • What is The Collective and how it works with an FCMO;
  • Why a Fractional CMO model is a good model for Series A funded start-up companies;
  • Why a full-time marketing hire is not the answer;
  • And much more!

Could outsourcing your marketing to a Fractional CMO be the answer you’re looking for? Tune in and find out!