Alejandro Szita

Alejandro Szita is a real estate and mortgage professional since 2005, he has seen the world of real estate from all angles—commercial, residential and capital raising. He has a background not only in real estate and finance, but also in infomercials and creating a million-dollar retail enterprise through the Home Shopping Network.

Alejandro is the co-owner of a boutique mortgage brokerage that specializes in self-employed borrowers— including artists, business owners and creative entrepreneurs. A lifelong student of economics, he also provides practical information about money and finance. In his upcoming book “Money—What It Is, How It Works, And How You Can Use It to Create Wealth and Prosperity for Yourself and Your Community,” Alejandro teaches the fundamentals of money and wealth.

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Alejandro Szita's Guest Appearances

Prosperity Lending: A Mortgage Solution for the Self-Employed, With Alejandro Szita

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on July 5, 2022

Business owners, artists and entrepreneurs tend to have unique financial flows and income and expense patterns. Additionally, because they have many deductible expenses, their tax returns do not always reflect their full financial picture. So, the hardest part is documenting income.

Also, business owners’ financial documents take more time to analyze, and they require more attention to detail to evaluate and approve. Additionally, many lenders consider self-employed people to be “risky” borrowers (this is ironic because most business owners have an excellent payment history, even if they sometimes make their payments a little behind schedule).

Mainstream lenders and most independent mortgage broker are after the “low-hanging fruit” of mortgages for employed borrowers with perfect credit scores (this is about 30% of borrowers)—these are quick and easy to do by following what are essentially basic and routine procedures.

This is where Alejandro Szita comes in. Specializing in providing lending solutions to business owners, artists, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals, Alejandro gets it.

He joins Adam to discuss:

  • Why the majority of the mortgage industry is not geared towards the self-employed borrower (business owners & entrepreneurs)
  • Why it’s more difficult to get a mortgage when you’re self-employed
  • How business owners can qualify for a mortgage
  • And so much more!

If you’re thinking of buying a house in the near future, then this is the show for you!