A.J. Lawrence

A.J. Lawrence is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, an angel investor, growth expert, and host of the Beyond 8 Figures podcast.

With over 25 years of exceptional experience in industries ranging from consumer goods to SaaS, he uses data-driven insights to nurture lasting and sustainable growth.

He calls himself a “journeyman entrepreneur” because he finds great joy in learning from people who achieved more than he did and finding ways to use their insights.

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A.J. Lawrence's Guest Appearances

Why the Deliberate Entrepreneurial Practice is the Key to Long-term Success, With A.J. Lawrence

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on June 2, 2022

Ask any successful entrepreneur what their top tip to success is, and they all swear by the power of focus and dedication. Or what A.J. Lawrence calls Deliberate Entrepreneurship.

What sets A.J. apart as an entrepreneur is his inexhaustible curiosity. Having led his last company, The JAR Group, to the INC. 500 not once, but twice, he knows firsthand what a combination of consistent effort, hard work, and, let’s be honest, lots of luck it takes to create a successful business.

A.J. joins Adam to share his tips for success, such as: