Group Coaching Programs That Sell, With Milana Leshinsky

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on February 14, 2023

Over the past 20+ years of being in the coaching industry, Milana Leshinsky has learned that there are 5 things that clients secretly want from coaching programs.

She is sharing the most important keys to designing a lucrative coaching program clients will love, drawn from the biggest lessons learned after delivering 100+ programs!

Discover why offering group coaching programs is the best way to multiply your revenue and scale your business.
Learn how to design a great group coaching experience so that your clients stay in your program, get results, and enroll in your next program.
Unleash best practices for how to create, fill, and deliver transformational group coaching programs your clients can’t get enough of!

Tune in and hear Milana’s answers to questions such as:

  • Why should you offer group coaching programs?
  • What’s the difference between doing 1-on-1 coaching and offering group programs?
  • Can clients really get results in group programs, without 1-on-1 coaching?
  • How do you start adding group programs to your coaching business?
  • Why do some clients leave coaching programs, and even ask for a refund?
  • What are the 5 things that clients secretly want from coaching programs?
  • How can you offer these things without overcomplicating your business?
  • What are the secrets to creating a group coaching program that sells?
  • How can Coaching Genie help deliver successful group coaching programs?
  • And much, much more!


Coaching Program Planner: Learn how to create a powerful coaching experience, whether you deliver your program to 1-on-1 clients or groups, using Milana’s free Coaching Program Planner.

Download this free planner to discover how ready you are to deliver a highly effective coaching program.


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Milana Leshinsky is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and a marketing mentor to coaches, authors, and speakers. She is the author of two books, "Coaching Millions" and "Simplicity Entrepreneurship", and the creator of the telesummit. She is also the creator of Coaching Genie, a coaching platform that allows you to deliver coaching programs and scale your business with simplicity. She's passionate about helping coaches leverage their expertise through creating programs and overcoming fear of technology. Milana came to the US as a music teacher from the Ukraine almost 30 years ago. When she's not working on her business, Milana writes music and enjoys Latin ballroom dancing. To learn more, visit Milana’s website at