Grocery Delivery During a Pandemic, With Tamika Wells

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on July 20, 2021

You are a busy entrepreneur. Not only that but the world is changing, especially now during the pandemic.

You delegate all day long, but then after work run to the grocery store. Why not delegate your groceries too?

Tamika Wells joins Adam to discuss the benefits of grocery delivery for business owners.


  • How Tamika got her start in the grocery delivery business;
  • How delegating your grocery shopping saves you time and money;
  • The benefits of a grocery delivery service;
  • And so much more!

Ready to delegate your grocery shopping? Start by listening to this episode!


About This Guest: ()

Tamika Wells is the owner and founder of Honey Bee Grocery Delivery of Winston-Salem, NC. She is passionate about excellent customer service as well as giving back to her community. She enjoys helping busy business owners and families save time by offering food concierge services. Honey Bee was strategic in protecting families from COVID during the height of the pandemic while finding the illusive items like toilet paper that were flying off the shelves. Honey Bee is currently developing an app to help delivery drivers earn better pay while lowering delivery fees for rebounding local restaurants.