Entrepreneurs With a “Build It and They Will Come” Mentality Are Destined to Fail, With Will Russell

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on January 17, 2023

The quote “Build it and they will come” is a fallacy.

Entrepreneurs simply cannot expect a good idea or product to be enough to drive a high volume of early success. Would-be entrepreneurs must first test a new business idea out in the world to learn if and why people will pay money for it, and depending on the answers to those questions, launch it in the most effective and profitable way. One small slip, one shortcut, or one missing puzzle piece can bring their entrepreneurial journey to a premature end.   

Based on his insider perspective, Will Russell describes his 5-step system using on-the-ground examples of what it takes to launch and maintain a successful business, addressing:

  • How entrepreneurs can take the risk out of risk-taking
  • How the 5-Step High-Profit Launch System delivers entrepreneurs a “go” or “no-go” recommendation
  • How to build an audience around your idea before you launch
  • What strategies will make potential customers want your product
  • What online tools and platforms best support your 5-step launch process
  • How to scale and optimize growth to power your profit

Tune in and hear Will’s answers to questions such as:

  • What’s the number one mistake you see new entrepreneurs make?
  • How can someone implement your strategies on a limited budget?
  • How should entrepreneurs be navigating their strategies during an economic downturn?
  • How does a recession/global uncertainty affect the launch industry?
  • If you had one piece of advice for new entrepreneurs, what would it be?
  • And much, much more!


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Will Russell is CEO of Russell Marketing, specializing in e-commerce launch marketing, which has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs validate their ideas and execute successful launches. He has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, Crain’s New York, Indiegogo, StartUp Nation and more. His new book is, Launch in 5: Take Your Idea from Lightbulb Moment to Profitable Business in Record Time (Nicholas Brealey, Nov. 8, 2022). Learn more at https://www.launchin5book.com.