Why you need efficient systems in your business, With Zaheen Nanji

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Building a successful business is not for the faint of heart. But running an efficient business is a crucial component of building a successful business.

If you don’t have systems in your business, or your systems are old and outdated, you’ll end up losing money, customers, and your reputation.

Zaheen Nanji joins us to discuss the importance of systems, and how you can create efficient systems in your business.

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As a resilience champion, speaker and owner of a wellness centre, Zaheen was able to overcome many struggles throughout her life. She bounced back from not being able to speak because of her speech impediment, and from moving halfway across the world without her parents at the age of 15. Yet she managed, and she completed her education in Nutrition & Food Science, and Environmental Health. In the last 5 years, Zaheen has created a successful health and wellness business and her centre was nominated for business of the year in 2014. Her first book, Attract Your Ideal Weight, was featured in Women Business Owners Today. Zaheen's new release The Resilience Reflex is engaging and not only provides 8 keys to overcoming barriers, but outlines Zaheen’s 3-step signature system. Reading this book will inspire you to find solutions to your most pressing personal and professional challenges. The book includes inspiring success stories and self-assessment questions that help the reader discover their limiting patterns and how they can change them. To learn more about Zaheen Nanji and her work, visit her website.