Double your Results with The Maverick Millionaire®, With Paul Finck

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Are you really where you want to be in life or is it time for a change?

For things to change, you must change.

So ask yourself this key question:

What am I now going to do different to propel myself toward the business and lifestyle success I know I was meant to create?

Meet The Maverick Millionaire, Paul Finck. With more than 30 years being an entrepreneur, Paul knows what it takes to build a business with sustainable success.

As a husband and father of three sets of twins, he knows how to keep it in balance and perspective.

He joins host, Adam Hommey, to show you how to run your business in a new and different way – The Maverick Way!


  • A different way of thinking and acting in your business, that will separate you from your competition and elevate your results;
  • How to do things different while having a ton of fun doing it;
  • Why the wealthiest and most successful people in the world are all Mavericks… and how you can become one almost immediately;
  • And much more!

Are you ready to become a Maverick? Tune in.

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The Maverick Millionaire®, Paul Finck is one of the foremost authorities in business and personal development today. Paul works with entrepreneurs, small, and midsize businesses as a Keynote speaker and trainer empowering them with direct answers to their toughest challenges. His goal is to Double your results and create the environment to continue to do so. Via public, private, and corporate speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars on a wide variety of topics incorporating his Maverick Difference philosophy as well as private and group coaching sessions on a world wide basis, Paul Finck is able to share his unconventional methods to traditional challenges to create extraordinary results for all.