Doing Business With an Ironman Mindset, With Robert Clinkenbeard

Filed in Business Creators Radio Show, Podcasts on October 12, 2021

“Pure dead brilliant” is a Scottish saying that means ‘wow – that’s exceptionally good’. And that’s what Robert Clinkenbeard specializes in – “being pure dead brilliant”.

Aside from co-founding one of the largest landscaping companies in the country, Robert has played competitive rugby and soccer for 20 years and has competed in 4 Ironman triathlon events which has helped him to fully understand discipline, strategy and execution.

Today he joins Adam to share his tips for doing business with the mindset of an Ironman.


  • The game changing decisions Robert made which allowed him to scale up his company;
  • What principles Robert uses in his company of over 350 employees that he gleaned from his days of playing team sports;
  • What characteristics/attitude/mindset are important for breaking through challenges;
  • How unhappy business owners can transition to working “on” the business;
  • And much more!

Tune in and find out how Robert could train 20+ hours a week and still build a $20mil business, and how you can too.

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Robert Clinkenbeard Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Ironman Robert Clinkenbeard is the CEO of The Radix Group, LLC which has offices in Greenville, Phoenix, and the UK. He is an entrepreneur, an author, senior leader in EO and a four time Ironman.