Do Less, Live More, and Breathe Easier With Holistic Productivity, With Lisa Zawrotny

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Is it possible to do less, yet achieve more? Yes! When you approach productivity the right way, you’ll get further, faster, with less effort and without burning out.

Have you tried those popular “tried and true” productivity approaches only to be let down??

You’re not alone!

Those productivity approaches aren’t designed with multi-taskers and multi-passionates in mind. (Too limited!)

Those productivity approaches encourage burnout by focusing on doing more, which is impossible for caregivers. (Dangerous!)

Those productivity approaches make you feel like something is wrong with you. (Not so!)

Worse yet, adding more to try to fix what’s already too much is creating overwhelm, not reducing it. It’s time to change that.

Lisa Zawrotny is a Productivity Strategist + Accountability Coach and is here to show us how to do less and live more.

Tune in to hear Lisa’s thoughts on:

  • What does it actually mean to be productive?
  • Why do we need to care about Energy Management versus Time Management?
  • Why do serial entrepreneurs especially need to approach productivity differently?
  • What’s one step to help us declutter our lives?
  • What are the steps to creating a to do list that doesn’t trap you?
  • And much, much more!

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Listen to Lisa’s podcast, Positively Living: Do Less, Live More…Breathe Easier

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Lisa Zawrotny is a Productivity Strategist + Accountability Coach, the founder of Positively Productive Systems, and the host of the Positively Living™ Podcast. She helps multi-passionate creatives reduce overwhelm and boost productivity without the burnout and without sacrificing what they love. When she’s not sharing the wonders of simplicity, self-awareness, self-care, and systems, you’ll find her hanging out with her husband and kiddos, acting like a rock star or watching movies, or hiding out with an iced coffee and a good book, probably trapped under a cat. She holds current certifications in time + stress management, life coaching, and positive psychology. She’s helped hundreds of clients do less, live more, and breathe easier.