Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century, With Jeffrey Deckman

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on September 13, 2022

The demands upon you as a leader and manager in this new era are unprecedented.

Economic uncertainty and workplace instability combined with a sophisticated and demanding workforce can be challenging.  In addition, traditional leadership mindsets, models, and methods have proven increasingly ineffective.

Regardless of your intelligence and experience chances are you are experiencing frustration. Perhaps you also feel confusion with regards to getting your teams to perform to their potential in today’s rapidly changing environment.

What if you could figure out how best to adapt? What levels of success could you and your team achieve?

That’s where Jeffrey Deckman comes in.

Tune in and hear Jeffrey’s answers to questions such as:

  • What are the biggest mistakes leaders make that they don’t realize they are making?
  • What are the biggest differences between today’s workers and workers in the past?
  • What are the dynamics that are driving the need for such drastic changes in leadership methods?
  • How important is understanding organizational design and development issues to improve your leadership skills?
  • What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?
  • In addition to leadership skills, what are the components that drive organizational performance?
  • And much, much more!

Do you want to become a more conscious leader? Tune in.

About This Guest: ()

Jeffrey is a nationally recognized thought leader and award-winning author on the next evolution of leadership: Conscious Leadership. His recently published book: “Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century” won a total of four national and international Stevie Awards® and is an Amazon best seller in the Occupational and Organizational Psychology category. He also won the 2021 International Business Awards bronze medal for 'Innovator of the Year'. His background is one of a serial entrepreneur who has bootstrapped 2 multi-million dollar companies; several non-profits and multiple political organizations. Since 2005 he has been a leadership and organizational performance consultant and leadership coach. He’s helped scores of clients grow by strengthening their leadership teams and helping them uncover, then mobilize, the hidden human capital that drives performance and profits in the 21st century. Jeffrey is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and regularly publishes on the blog. Jeffrey is also a stage 4 cancer “thriver”; a dedicated student spiritual teachings and a Reiki Master. He blends his life experiences with decades of front-line management experience to help his clients build powerful and resilient 21st century ready organizations.