Create Your Dream Reality, With Kyle Boyd and Leah Rush

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on March 3, 2022

Life doesn’t have to be whatever is handed to you. In truth, you can create your reality to be whatever you want.

The problem is when you try to create with your mind rather than your heart.

Leah Rush and Kyle Boyd help people create their dream realities with a technique called heart coherence.

In this episode, they join Adam to explain this concept and teach us a few things about ourselves.


  • What heart coherence is
  • How people use it to create a new reality
  • How this can change people’s lives
  • And so much more!

Today, I invite you to listen with your heart so that you too can create your dream reality.

About This Guest: ()

Leah Rush and Kyle Boyd are the co-creators of Coherence Trainers LLC. As Certified HeartMath Trainers, they teach heart coherence to fire fighters and police, reality creation enthusiasts, couples, people in recovery, and anyone who wants to experience more positive emotion in their lives. They have created the The Heart Coherence Collaborative, a FB group that supports people in their heart coherence journey with 21-day challenges, meditations, FB lives where they instruct techniques, and interviews with heart focused members of the spiritual community. Leah is also a certified hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner, who specializes in anxiety, fears, recovery support, self-love, trauma recovery, weight loss, habit change, and helping women trust their femininity. Kyle is the co-founder of the Quantum Healing Collective, a HeartMath Coach, and a facilitator of men’s healing circles. He specializes in reality creation, recovery, stress management, relationship coaching, and reactivating your divine masculine.