How To Compete at a Time of Rising Customer Demands, With Tema Frank

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Tema Frank

Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield. Unhappy customers can slash your business with a single tweet. Happy ones can lead to stellar success. Most businesses want happy customers, but overall customer experience ratings are dropping. With her signature focus on putting people first, Tema Frank talks with Adam about the reasons for this drop, and what businesses can do to improve customer experience. During this interview, Adam and Tema cover things like ROI of investing in customer experience and some of the warning signs that you might have a customer experience problem brewing. Don’t miss this insightful peek into the values of people-focused customer service!

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Best-selling author, international speaker, and consultant Tema Frank has over three decades’ experience in business & marketing strategy, usability testing, and customer experience improvement. She started using the Internet for email in 1991 and put up her first website in 1995. She’s been immersed in the web world ever since. In 2001 she launched Web Mystery Shoppers, Inc., one of the world’s first usability testing companies to do large sample-size, remote usability testing of websites and web-related customer experience, to provide in-depth user experience information and recommendations for clients. In 2012, she created the Frank Online Marketing Show, which has now become the Frank Reactions podcast, and extended her digital & customer experience (CX) consulting, speaking, and teaching services. She is also author of the best-selling book, Canada’s Best Employers for Women: A guide for job-hunters, employees and employers, and is currently working on her 2nd book, "PeopleShock: Why People Matter More Than Every in the Digital Era & How That Changes Business". Tema has lived in several Canadian cities, as well as in the Netherlands, France and Mexico. She is fluent in French and English (and speaks tiny bits of Spanish and Dutch). Her first name rhymes with Emma. (And she now has an adorable niece named Emma!)