The Mobile Work Revolution, With Frank Cottle

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The modern office is changing. Flexible workspaces, working from home and remote offices are transforming how we do business.

There is a growing demand for you and your workers to be able do business from anywhere in the world. How can you embrace this trend?

Joining Adam this week is Frank Cottle. Frank is the expert on flexible workspaces and the virtual office movement.

In this episode, you will learn:

• Working on the Move: Flexible working, anytime, anywhere.
• How flexible workspace plays a crucial role in driving today’s economy.
• How remote office services help business owners maintain professionalism, even when working from home (or from the beach!)
• How to start a business from anywhere.

• Virtual Offices: the 21st century workplace solution for any size business.

About This Guest: ()

Frank Cottle is CEO of Alliance Virtual Offices and Chairman of the Alliance Business Centers Network. He is a recognized expert on flexible working, the virtual office movement and ‘third place’ working. Prior to creating the Alliance brand, Frank successfully operated his own portfolio of business centers in multiple locations across North America. Frank has spent almost the past 30 years delivering business services that are finely tuned to the workplace needs of startups, entrepreneurs and growing SMBs. Over the years he has worked with tens of thousands of business owners and, coupled with a unique global management perspective, has become the go-to authority on flexible and remote work.