What We Each Can Do With The Radio Show Recording (Mutual Multipurpose Rights)

Let’s be real with each other.  (We’re real people, after all.)

You’re here to establish your thought leadership.  We’re here to continually build and nurture a huge repository of kick-ass business building excellence for our listeners.

When we have you on as our guest expert, we help each other out.

Here’s How It Works…

If you are selected as a featured guest expert, we can use part or all of the material from the recording(s) of your episode(s) for our podcast(s), website(s), product(s), book(s), etc. without any compensation owed to you, as long as we mention your website (the one that will be on your guest expert profile) when we repurpose the interview so people can find you.

You, in turn, can do the exact same thing as long as your reader/listener/viewer hears from you that it came from your appearance on “The Business Creators’ Radio Show Hosted By Adam Hommey”.

We’ll give you an MP3 of the interview to make that easy for you. You can use that MP3 (as long as you do so in unedited form) for:

  • Your “press/media” page on your website (especially your public speaking or “media darling” pages)
  • A fast-action bonus for your information product or to boost signups for your live event
  • Another reason why your members must never, ever quit belonging to your membership site

All This Sound Good?

Say “yes”!

Then click below to get started: