Dos and Don’ts of Leading Through Change, With Theresa Moulton

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There are many lenses through which we look at change; there are also many levels at which change occurs. For those of us who are managing organizational change, working with individuals undergoing change, or experiencing change and potential disruption every day ourselves, “all change is personal.”

Whatever your change practitioner lens for a particular organizational change (Human Resources, Information Technology, Project Management, Learning and Development, change agent, external consultant), it is important to keep an “all change is personal” mindset front and center.

Change management expert, Theresa Moulton, joins Adam to discuss the Dos and Don’ts of Leading Through Change.


  • What change management is;
  • Some examples of organizational change for really small businesses;
  • What to expect to see from your employees that should concern you during a change effort;
  • The complete list of Dos and Don’ts for leading through change;
  • and more.

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With more than 20 years of consulting, executive coaching, and business-building experience, Theresa Moulton brings practical insight to the real-world challenges and opportunities of working with and within business change. As Editor-in-Chief of Change Management Review™, Theresa brings together professionals who work with organizational change—both academic research and real-world practices—through integrated global perspectives. Catalyzed by curiosity and the desire to help others, she passionately explores the globe in search of “everything change management.”