Teri Karjala

Teri Karjala, is a Transformational Life Strategist, the founder of Creative Counseling Center and Talking With Teri, best-selling author of Be The Magic of You: Tools to Transform Your Life with a foreword written by Jack Canfield. She is a Premier Success Coach with eWomen Network and a Coach with Forbes. She has been featured in many television, podcasts, and radio shows, including Hay House.
Teri has combined her counseling background with energy psychology and applied the principles of quantum physics to transform people’s lives by clearing the unconscious blocks that hold us back.
Teri created this podcast to tackle limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, getting stuck, fear, doubt, overwhelm, and the imposter syndrome that hold us back from creating the life we love. This show is designed to transport you beyond your limitations, to a world where anything is possible.
Listen to the powerful transformational journeys as thought leaders, influencers, and all-around amazing beings going from ordinary to extraordinary. At the end of the day we are committed to inspiring entrepreneurs to build empires that will create a massive impact on the world.

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