Putting Soul into Your Business, With Sue Rumack

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Sue RumackOne of the most valuable assets you can have is trust. It allows for flow and openness. But, is there a difference between how your clients trust YOU and how they trust your business? Should there be a difference? How do you discern that difference? Soul Coach Sue Rumack will delve into these questions with us as she shares about her passion to help small business owners put the soul back into their business, so that it becomes magnetic to success.


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Sue Rumack is the Soul Coach who helps small business owners put the soul back into their business, so it becomes magnetic to success. Sue has been an entrepreneur for over 4 decades, has built her own successful businesses and in the process redefined herself business identity more than once. She has helped professionals in career transition to create powerful new identities that builds success on top of success, even when the starting place is a little scary. Sue was an entrepreneur for 25 years before joining Bell Canada, where she won The Presidents Award for outstanding customer service - saved a multimillion dollar account from switching services. She became an accredited life coach in 2007 and has been helping small business owners and others to rebuild successful, purposeful, empowered lives ever since. She is an author, speaker, coach and friend who changes lives. Visit Pulse of Awakening https://www.pulseofawakening.com/ or you can email Sue directly at portalcoach@live.ca

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  1. Hi All, Thank you Adam for an exciting hour of Business Soul generating conversation. It looks like the website link for listeners to reach me isn’t working so for those who want more visit Pulse of Awakening https://www.pulseofawakening.com/ or you can email me directly at portalcoach@live.ca Subject line:Business Soulto learn more about how to identify and redefine the soul of your business so you are in the driver’s seat leveraging and monetizing every step of the way to building a powerful business identity. Enjoy InJOY Sue Rumack, The Business Soul Coach

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