Jenny Olding

Jenny Olding is a Sales & Lifestyle Expert and Coach. An Ohio native,
Jenny graduated the University of Rio Grande with NO-DEBT, while earning a
3.9 GPA, playing 3 sports and participating in 2 study-abroad programs. In
September of 2013, she was inducted into Rio Grande’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Straight out of college, she began a professional sales career, in which she
became a six-figure earner by the age of 27. She has been the recipient of
multiple President’s Club Awards, which is an award designated to top sales
representatives in a company!

Jenny is the author of the book, “Rock Your Lifestyle: It’s YOUR Life, START
Acting Like It!”

She loves to work with people and companies who need help shifting their mindset about sales. She's focused on giving as much as possible, and loves to connect people and create solutions and ideas for those who cross her path!

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STOP Your Fear of Sales! with Jenny Olding

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jenny oldingIf you’re in business, you’re in sales. If you want to succeed in business…you’re in sales. We’ve heard it time and time again, no one wants to be sold, but they all want to buy. If you can tap into your inner sales person, you can get people to buy whatever it is you have to offer.

No more pushy, boring, old school, played out, rehashed crap about sales! It’s time to get down and dirty and uncover the sales person inside!

Coach Jenny O shares with you that when you identify your personal sales style, so you can stop your fear of selling…and watch those profits soar!