Dan Janal

Dan Janal is one of the Founding Fathers of Internet Marketing and Publicity. He wrote one of the first books on Internet Marketing back in 1994. He taught the first Internet Marketing class at Berkeley and also taught Internet Branding at Stanford. He now focuses on helping clients build their brands so they can sell more products and services.

USA Today called Dan Janal “a true cyberspace pioneer.”

Through his coaching and consulting services, his clients have been featured in nearly every major newspaper and magazine including the New York Times, Forbes, Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal.

He is the author of eight books, including “Reporters Are Looking for You” and “Internet Marketing Confidential”.

Dan lives on one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes with his wife and two cats.

For info on his services, please go to www.PRLEADSPlus.com

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Dan Janal's Guest Appearances

Become the King or Queen of Continuous Income – with Dan Janal

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dan-janal-headshot-01-smallBen Franklin had it wrong: compound interest isn’t the best thing on Earth, continuous income is.

I am honored to have the King of Continuous Income, who’s been called “an online marketing expert” by the Los Angeles times join
me this week to show you how to create a business model that brings cash to your bank account.