Curation Secrets for Business Creators, With Scott Scanlon

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Coming up with new content for articles, blogs and social media is a time-consuming process. But it’s also an incredibly necessary process.

Think about how long it takes you to write a blog post and then publish it in your newsletter. What about your social media? How much time do you spend researching and writing tips, quotes, and so forth?

What if there was a solution to cut that time drastically?

Joining Adam this week is Scott Scanlon, founder of Curation Suite.

He’s going to share the value of content curation…


  • What is content curation?
  • What is the biggest benefit of content curation for a business creator?
  • Is content curation legal? Isn’t it stealing content?
  • How does content curation create traffic for your site?
  • What’s the best way to monetize with curation?

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Scott Scanlon is creator and owner of Curation Suite, a content curation platform that gives you the power to curate and publish in any niche or market. Scott is an entrepreneur with over 10+ years in digital marketing and a background in the U.S. Army, music industry, real estate, technical consulting, and business development. Scott is also a coder and still enjoys the zen like flow of developing when he has time.

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  1. Thank you, Adam and Scott. I really enjoyed this show – especially the opening section about settling into a single focus for a business. Your discussion about the ways that many entrepreneurs go through this process really helped me to accept where I am evolving with that in my own business. It seems that I have finally find a profitable intersection between my interests and passions and clients and prospects who are willing to pay for what I’m offering! Yeah!!! Thanks again for the encouragement AND for the insights about content curation.

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