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11/20/18 – Creating a Fans First Experience, With Jesse Cole

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In a world of black, blue, gray, and brown suits, one man stands out in a bright yellow tuxedo.

His voice, his message, rises above the noisy crowd. People stop. They pay attention.

Is your message being heard? How are you standing out in a crowded room?

Jesse Cole is the Yellow Tux Guy. With a closet full of yellow tuxedos, Jesse uses this as a way to make his business stand out. In this episode, Jesse joins Adam to discuss creating a business with customers who are more than purchasers of a product or service.

You will discover:

  • How to find your yellow tux;
  • What it means to have a ‘fans first’ approach to business;
  • What it takes to stand out in a noisy world and incite energy and enthusiasm that will be the envy of any rival;
  • How being your unique self can open doors of opportunity, joy, and fulfillment that others miss;
  • And so much more.

Are you ready to find your own yellow tux? Don’t miss this episode!

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11/27/18 – Leadership, Buy-in & Learning Chinese to Get a Date! With Richard Nongard

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Viral leadership can emerge quickly and at any level within an organization. It can be organic and spontaneous or intentional and directed. Viral Leadership is lasting and creates a legacy of related ideas, projects, and solutions that transform even more than expected. It spreads from one person and group to another; making owners, managers, employees and the community stakeholders by generating buy-in and ownership of the leadership process and an enthusiasm for the vision.

People really don’t buy products – they buy people! Although your product might have great features and benefits, top salespeople rise above the competition by utilizing rapport and creating relationships that promote sales, along with avoiding a dependency on discounting.

In this episode, serial entrepreneur, Richard Nongard, talks with Adam about the nuts & bolts of leadership and the buy-in.

You will discover:

  • Leadership tactics to drive sales;
  • Why Richard learned Chinese so he could get a date;
  • How your shoe size will make you more money;
  • How solo entrepreneurs make more money by studying leadership;
  • What to do when people are expected to share the vision but are not part of the team;
  • And so much more!

If you want to learn how to uplift your team, bolster your sales, and skyrocket your business, tune in!

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12/04/18 – Business Success starts with Personal Clarity, With Gregory Gray

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To have massive freedom in your life and business you must have a clearly defined vision story and you must become aware of your blind spots as a leader.

Adam is joined by leadership and business consultant, Gregory Gray to discuss how personal clarity relates to business success.

You will discover:

  • How having a vision story is important for a successful business;
  • How to craft a vision story;
  • How to identify your blind spots and why it’s so critical;
  • And much more!

If you want to find your blind spots and create a successful business, tune in.

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