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04/04/17 – All the Crap that You Didn’t Know Was Part of the Gig when you Started a Business, With Brook Borup

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How do you stop drowning in meetings, emails and other parts of your business that sap your energy and strength? How do you know what to delegate, and how to do it properly?

The power of delegation in business cannot be underestimated. It is time to let go of old processes and ideas that are killing your business.

Joining Adam this week is Brook Borup, who is the CEO of My Clone Solution and creator of “In the Trenches MBA” on Youtube.

In this call, you will learn:
  • Why is delegation so important for any business owner?
  • How does a business owner choose the right tools to be successful for your business?
  • How can you get admin help on a small business budget?
  • How do you learn to delegate?
  • How do you know what to delegate?

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04/11/17 – Go From Scared To Successful: How To Comfortably Build Relationships Through Networking, With Lori Saitz

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Your parents taught you not to talk to strangers. However, networking and communication are essential skills for building relationships in the business world. How can you overcome your fears and learn to network successfully?

What if you could be comfortable starting any conversation?

Joining Adam this week is Lori Saitz. Known as The Quiet Girl’s Guide, she is a speaker and networking strategy coach who helps people overcome their communication fears.

In this call, you will learn how to network without fear:

  • Does it really matter if you go to in-person networking events?
  • What’s a common mistake people make when choosing which networking events to go to?
  • What are some tips for feeling more comfortable at networking events?

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04/18/17 – The Mobile Work Revolution, With Frank Cottle

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The modern office is changing. Flexible workspaces, working from home and remote offices are transforming how we do business.

There is a growing demand for you and your workers to be able do business from anywhere in the world. How can you embrace this trend?

Joining Adam this week is Frank Cottle. Frank is the expert on flexible workspaces and the virtual office movement.

In this episode, you will learn:

• Working on the Move: Flexible working, anytime, anywhere.
• How flexible workspace plays a crucial role in driving today’s economy.
• How remote office services help business owners maintain professionalism, even when working from home (or from the beach!)
• How to start a business from anywhere.
• Virtual Offices: the 21st century workplace solution for any size business.