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03/20/18 – How to Build Business Credit for Your EIN, With Ty Crandall

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Building credit for your business isn’t easy. Most of the time, it’s linked to your personal social security number and personal credit.

If you don’t have good personal credit, then building business credit is darn near impossible.

Joining Adam is business credit expert, Ty Crandall.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What exactly is business credit.
  • Can a business get credit without the owner taking on a personal guarantee?
  • How fast can a business build business credit.
  • Do business credit cards have any impact on personal credit?
  • What types of businesses should have business credit.
  • And so much more!

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03/27/18 – Building an Organic Audience of Believers Using the Facebook Trifecta (Pages, Profiles, and Groups), With Josh and Jill Stanton

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Social media – while being one of the best ways to create and grow a business, is also an ever-changing creature causing it to be an enigma.

Take Facebook for example. Is it dead? Is it just for connecting with friends from high school and cousins you haven’t seen since the last family reunion?

Or is it still a viable platform for business?

Joining Adam are social media experts, Josh and Jill Stanton. They’re going to teach you about the power of the Facebook Trifecta.

  • In this episode you will learn:
  • If Facebook pages are dead;
  • Why they feel Facebook is so powerful;
  • The benefits of using Facebook for your business;
  • And much, much more!

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04/03/18 – Long Distance Real Estate Investing, With Billy Keels

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With house flipping reality shows becoming more and more popular, there is a rise in real estate investing.

The issue that arises, is that most people will only invest locally. Long distance investments can be riskier and more costly. But real estate is still a very lucrative way to create passive income.

Joining Adam is investment expert, Billy Keels. In this episode, he teaches us about making wise investments, finding good real estate deals and how to mitigate risks.

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