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11/21/17 – Website Psychology & How to Convert Visitors, With Chris Dayley

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Putting your website together is a huge task! You have to focus on the design, the navigational flow, the copy, the stock photos, and so much more.

The internet is a beautiful thing for consumers, giving them a seemingly endless number of choices for whatever they need, almost regardless of location and industry. However, while this is good for consumers, it can make things difficult for businesses, who now have more competition than ever before.

In order to stand out from that competition, your site needs to immediately answer the question “why us?” You want to let them know why they want to hire you or purchase from you immediately.

Chris Dayley, VP of Testing and Site Optimization with Disruptive Advertising, joins Adam to reveal the psychology behind websites and how to build them to convert.

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11/28/17 – Dos and Don’ts of Leading Through Change, With Theresa Moulton

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There are many lenses through which we look at change; there are also many levels at which change occurs. For those of us who are managing organizational change, working with individuals undergoing change, or experiencing change and potential disruption every day ourselves, “all change is personal.”

Whatever your change practitioner lens for a particular organizational change (Human Resources, Information Technology, Project Management, Learning and Development, change agent, external consultant), it is important to keep an “all change is personal” mindset front and center.

Change management expert, Theresa Moulton, joins Adam to discuss the Dos and Don’ts of Leading Through Change.


  • What change management is;
  • Some examples of organizational change for really small businesses;
  • What to expect to see from your employees that should concern you during a change effort;
  • The complete list of Dos and Don’ts for leading through change;
  • and more.

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12/05/17 – Learning to Make More Money and Have More Fun, With Matt Sellhorst

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Let’s face it. We’re all here to make money. Money makes the world go ’round right?

But here’s the question…can you make more money and have more fun doing it?


In this episode we’re going to learn all about making money and having fun from an industry who know all about having fun…boat dealers.

Joining Adam is Matt Selhorst. Matt is going to share with us his SPLASH System which teaches you how to sell more, make money and have fun!

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