How to Live a Fulfilled Day, With Tony Grebmeier

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There is a song by Tim McGraw that always hits home when I hear it – Live Like You Were Dying.

The point of the song is to live each day to its absolute fullest. Fulfill your dreams and passions.

Don’t stay stuck in a dead end job that you hate. Do what inspires you…what makes your heart sing.

Joining Adam this week is Tony Grebmeier. Tony built a 7 figure business, and then almost lost everything because of drugs and alcohol.

Now his company is an 8 figure business, his marriage is stronger than ever and his passion is helping others live find their passion and achieve more.

Don’t miss this incredibly raw and inspiring episode.

How To Keep More of What You Make, With Craig Cody

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When you have your own business, you want to keep as much of your income as possible. However, taxes can easily eat away at your earnings. So, how can tax planning help?

Joining Adam this week is Craig Cody. He is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Coach. You do not want to miss this episode because Craig has a free book offer for listeners.

In this informative episode, you will find out:

  • What is tax planning?
  • What is the difference between using an accountant versus using a tax planner?
  • Why is it better to be proactive rather than reactive when dealing with taxes?
  • What are some good ways business owners can reduce their taxes?
  • What is the top write off most business owners miss?
  • How to hire your children to work in your business, and what are the benefits?

Total Control Financial, With Damion Lupo

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Taking control of your financial future is an essential part of feeling secure. Unfortunately, many people get trapped in the roller coaster of Wall Street. There is a better way to have a powerful retirement plan.

Damion Lupo joins Adam this week to discuss how you can take control of your finances. Damion has started more than 30 businesses and has owned hundreds of real estate properties.

Join Damion and Adam to discover:

  • The green and red arrows of wealth and poverty.
  • Why retirement is not the right term.
  • What is eQRP and how it empowers people by giving them peace of mind and security.
  • Can someone with an old 401k invest in real estate.
  • The next step for someone who wants to take control of their financial retirement.

How to Buy and Invest in 100+ Businesses Over the Next 5 Years, With Moran Pober

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Is it possible to buy and invest in 100+ businesses in the next 5 years? One entrepreneur has made this his mission, and he joins Adam to discuss it.

In this episode, Moran Pober shares his entrepreneurial journey with Adam. He is the founder of ABD Assets and focuses on business acquisitions and investments.

You will find out how Moran Pober selects businesses to invest in them and how he makes money. You will also discover more about his biggest mistake, who he emulates, how he recharges, and how you can learn his skills.

How To Ask For What You Want And Get A Yes, With John Livesay

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How do you convince someone to buy what you are selling and listen to what you are saying?

The key is to create the perfect pitch. You have to find the balance between making them curious and revealing what you offer. You also have to tug at their heartstrings, so they will open their purse strings.

Joining Adam this week is John Livesay. He is known as the Pitch Whisperer and helps people create compelling pitches that convert.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why everyone needs a great elevator pitch and few have it. What makes a great elevator pitch?
  • How can people become more confident?
  • What makes a good story when you pitch?
  • What are the different story genres, and how do brands use them?
  • Why do people remember our stories and not numbers?

Do Not Let the 80/20 Principle Mislead You, With John Vespasian

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The 80/20 principle is often considered to be the ultimate shortcut to success. However, it can be misleading. 

This principle cannot help you set lifetime goals that matter. It cannot create a future that is meaningful.

The only way to create successful goals is to use a rational philosophy.

Join Adam and guest John Vespasian as they discuss the truth about the 80/20 principle and why shortcuts do not work.

In this call, you will learn:

  • Why most shortcuts to success fail.
  • The importance of leading a balanced life.
  • Why unbridled positive thinking can severely mess up your life.
  • How to let go of habits that destroy your effectiveness.
  • Why it is crucially important to learn from history.
  • The key to making progress in good and bad times.

How I Built a 7-Figure Coaching & Consulting Business Selling to Fewer People, With Dan Lok

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Why do so many coaches and consultants struggle? What is the secret to attracting great clients at premium prices?

How can you create a sustainable, leveraged lifestyle and business through high-ticket programs?

Find out the answers when Dan Lok joins Adam this week. Dan is known as the king of high-ticket sales and is the creator of the High-Ticket Millions Methodology™.

In this call, you will learn:

  • The key concepts of high-ticket selling.
  • The secrets to closing high-ticket sales.
  • The most effective way to attract high-end clients.
  • The high-ticket sales myths that are holding people back.

Helping Others Create the Businesses of Their Dreams!, With Adam Hudson

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How can you create a successful business that fulfills your dreams and is profitable?

Joining Adam Hommey this week is Adam Hudson, who is an Amazon thought leader. He is a serial entrepreneur who has built several multi-million dollar companies in both Australia and the United States.

Adam will share what he has learned from his own business journey and what you can do to find business success.

In this week’s episode you will learn:

  • What is the entrepreneurial journey?
  • Is Amazon the best business opportunity for entrepreneurs?
  • How do you enter the online education space?
  • What drives successful entrepreneurs?

Just Say Yes! Create The Success You Want And Deserve, With Jim Palmer

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We often hear about the importance of planning ahead and taking things slow. What if this isn’t always the right approach? What if taking things slower actually paralyzes you with fear and stops you from reaching your dreams?
The path to success may not be as complicated as it looks.
Joining Adam this week is Jim Palmer. He is the author of the book “Just Say Yes” and teaches others how to create their dream businesses and lifestyles.
In this call, you will learn:
  • The inspiration behind “Just Say Yes.”
  • Two “F” Words and what they mean for entrepreneurial success.
  • The importance of acting like a child.
  • Leaping off the cliff and sprouting wings to fly.
  • Why selling your house and moving onto a boat full-time can be the best decision.

The Secrets to Successful Website Acquisitions, With Ace Chapman

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What if you could eliminate some of the risks of starting a business and jump to making a profit?

Website acquisitions and buying existing businesses can give you a phenomenal ROI. You can earn passive income, build a portfolio and generate ongoing revenue.

Joining Adam this week is Ace Chapman. Ace has bought and sold over 30 businesses, and he is here to teach you how to copy his success.

In this call, you will discover more about acquisitions and learn:
  • How to buy your first business.
  • Why it is better to buy businesses instead of starting them.
  • How long to hold businesses in your portfolio.
  • How business owners thinking about selling their businesses can maximize their sales prices.