The SECRETS to Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace Regardless of Your Niche, With Bret Ridgway

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Let’s face it. With today’s technology, standing out from your competition is getting harder and harder. Being an author and/or speaker used to be an automatic way of being known as an expert in your industry.

These are still powerful methods of positioning yourself as an expert…if you do it right.

Joining Adam this week is Bret Ridgeway, an expert at getting people seen.

In this week’s episode you will learn:

  • Key mistakes authors and speakers make
  • How to get started as a speaker
  • How to position yourself above your competition
  • And lots more!

Curation Secrets for Business Creators, With Scott Scanlon

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Coming up with new content for articles, blogs and social media is a time-consuming process. But it’s also an incredibly necessary process.

Think about how long it takes you to write a blog post and then publish it in your newsletter. What about your social media? How much time do you spend researching and writing tips, quotes, and so forth?

What if there was a solution to cut that time drastically?

Joining Adam this week is Scott Scanlon, founder of Curation Suite.

He’s going to share the value of content curation…


  • What is content curation?
  • What is the biggest benefit of content curation for a business creator?
  • Is content curation legal? Isn’t it stealing content?
  • How does content curation create traffic for your site?
  • What’s the best way to monetize with curation?

What Do Fashion and Abused Dogs Have in Common?, With Steven Riznyk

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What do fashion, business and abused dogs have in common? Steven Riznyk.

There are thousands of homeless and abused animals roaming around our country. And it’s people like Steven who do their part to help.

In a unique twist on Business Creators’ Radio, Adam and Steven join together to discuss how and why Steven has created two separate companies both geared toward raising funds to care for abused animals.

The Power of Mastermind Groups, With Charlene Burke

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Running a business alone can make for a very arduous journey. Not to mention lonely.

Mastermind groups are a very powerful tool that the most successful entrepreneurs use. There is something to be said about getting together with a group of like-minded individuals and putting your heads together.

With a mastermind group you can:

  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Have a safe place to discuss business ideas and hardships
  • Get expert advice from others
  • Create a referral network to get and give referrals
  • And much more…

Joining Adam is mastermind expert, Charlene Burke. Tune in and learn how this powerful tool can help you build your business.

How Your Mindset Determines Your Results, With Kim Ades

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When you’re in business for yourself, you need an entirely different mindset than if you were just an employee. The wrong mindset can bring your business to its knees while the right mindset can propel your business to heights you’ve never dreamed of.

Join Adam and guest Kim Ades and learn how you can get into the right frame of mind.


Hands-on Solutions to Hiring Reliable Remote Workers, With Nathan Hirsch

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Have you been through a few Virtual Assistants with no luck? Or tried rolling the dice with an overseas contractor only to find the language barrier too difficult to navigate?

What if there was a solution that takes the headache out of hiring help?

Let’s face it, you’re busy enough as it is. So when it comes to getting help in your business, the last thing you need is a lengthy, pain in the neck process.

Nathan Hirsch has generated over $20 million in ecommerce sales since 2009 and is an expert in all areas of running multi-million dollar companies…including hiring.

He joins Adam to give the scoop on hiring remote workers and how you can successfully find a perfect fit for you.

Master Your Cash Flow: The Secret to Consistent Income With Less Effort, With Melanie Benson

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Doing more is not the answer to your cash flow problems. If you’d like to stop worrying about getting money in the door this month or just want to grow your bottom line exponentially, then you’ll want to tune in for this next Business Creators’ Radio Show episode!

There’s a trick to setting up your business so that income is always arriving faster than you need it.

But most entrepreneurs set themselves up to work ten times harder for less income than they would get if they had a J.O.B.

Melanie Benson, Small Business Optimizer, joins Adam to reveal how she’s solved the cash flow problem for her clients over the last 15 years so that you can use these same six and seven figure strategies too.

We’ll cover:

• The difference between a profitable six-figure plus business and one that struggles to make ends meet each month.
• Three keys to ensuring that revenue is generated whether you work in your business – or not!
• The mindset shift you must make today if you experience money troubles in your business (or in your life.)
• An easy (and massively effective) instant revenue booster you can use immediately!

Unleash Your Business With Audio Marketing, With Tina Dietz

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Audio marketing is fast becoming a popular way to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

There are hundreds of podcasts, webinars, radio shows, etc. on the internet today. How do you make sure yours is viewed and heard above the others?

Joining Adam is audio marketing expert, Tina Dietz.

Tina is going to teach you all the tricks to creating audio marketing that will let your voice be heard above the sea of noise.

How to Rock the Podcast from BOTH Sides of the Mic, With Jessica Rhodes

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Podcasting is an amazing way to market yourself and position yourself as an expert in your industry. It’s a way to meet absolutely incredible people.

But it’s not as simple as it may seem. There is a TON of work that goes into every episode.

And if you’re the guest, you still need to prep too. You want to be sure you deliver the absolute best interview you possibly can.

Podcast expert, Jessica Rhodes joins Adam to give you the tips you need to rock the podcast no matter which side of the mic you’re on.

Life in Corporate America, With Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss

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Ahhh Corporate America. Home of cubicles, the 9-5 and the rat race.

But it’s not all bad. We can’t all be entrepreneurs right? Someone has to run the big businesses of the world.

Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss have created a hilarious and captivating tale of Corporate America; B.S. Incorporated.

Tune in to this fun episode with Adam and guests as they expose life in Corporate America.